Seashore – Beach Line

Seashore – Beach Line

The Surveyor Engineer has an essential role in the process of defining the Aegean Sea and Beach zone, since he/she draws and prepares the appropriate topographic diagram for the definition of these lines.

Let us look together at some interesting facts about the determination of the Beach and Shore lines:

Procedure for the establishment of coast and beach lines

  • Check by the interested party at the Public Land Service of the State for whether a beach has been defined in the area of interest and if not:
  • Application by the interested party to the competent Public Land Service of the Prefecture for the designation of the Aegean Sea.
  • Preparation of the appropriate topographic diagram by a surveyor.
  • Deposit of the topographical diagram in 4 copies to the State Land Service of the State. This diagram will accompany the above application.
    Inspection of the topographical diagram by the competent Committee for the Definition of the Beach and Seashore (no more than one month).
  • Determination of the beach and beach lines on the topographical diagram after a meeting of the Beach and Beach Designation Committee. The
  • Commission usually meets on the spot with an autopsy carried out on the coastline.
  • In addition to the Beach and Shore lines, the Commission also determines the location of the old (pre-1884) Beach and Shore line.
  • The surveyor engineer draws up new plans which now include the Aegialos, Beach and Old Aegialos lines, as well as the coordinates of the vertices of these lines.
  • Preparation of a determination report to accompany the topographical plan.
  • The complete new charts (20 copies) are sent to the General Staff of the Navy and in particular to its hydrographic service, where the plans are checked, compared with aerial photographs of the past and approved (within 3 months).
  • After the approval of the Ministry of Finance and the validation decision, the plans are published in the Government Gazette (FEK).
  • The report and the diagram are posted in the municipality for 3 months.
  • The registration of the designated land is made at the mortgage office.
  • The rights in rem of private persons over the beach properties are expropriated by the public authorities without any further procedure and the provisions on expropriation by eminent domain are applied. The competent authority for the procedure is the Prefectural Government and in particular its planning office.

Commission for the definition of the seashore and beach

The Beach and Shore Definition Committee consists of:

  • The Head of the Land Service, the Chairman and the members.
  • One surveyor and one civil engineer from the Land Registry.
  • The competent port authority.
  • The Director of the Planning Department of the Prefectural Government and
  • The Director of Planning and Environment of the General Secretariat of the Region.

Specifications of a topographical diagram

A topographic diagram for the determination of the lines of the Aegean Sea and the Beach may only be drawn up and signed by Surveyors and Surveying Engineers. The specifications of this topographical diagram are:

  • The scale of the survey shall be at least 1:1000 (usually 1:500).
  • The diagram is altimetric and contains altitudes and contour curves according to the above-mentioned scales.
  • The boundaries of the properties, the areas to be expropriated, the alleged owners thereof.
  • Dependence on the triangulation grid EGSA’ 87.
  • Shoreline length of at least 500 metres.
  • Show in red, yellow and blue the Aegilou, Beach and Old Aegilou lines respectively as defined by the Commission.
  • Table of coordinates in the national grid of the coordinates of the vertices of the lines defined.
  • Stamp and signature of a surveyor or civil engineer.

The information taken into account by the Commission

The data taken into account by the Commission for the Definition of the Beach and Seashore are the following:

  • The morphology of the terrain and its topographical relief (flat beaches or steeply sloping beaches).
  • The composition of the terrain (sandy, rocky, rocky).
  • The natural vegetation boundary indicating the position of the maximum winter wave.
  • Meteorological data of the area.
  • The morphology of the seabed.
  • The waves at the front of the coast (how far the ‘opposite’ land is from the shore).
  • The approved zoning guidelines for land uses affecting the coastal zone.
  • The existence of public land (existence of a land register).
  • Possibly existing sensitive ecosystems and protected areas.

Request for remedy for incorrect definition of Aegean Sea and Beach

In case of an error in the determination of the boundaries of the Aegean Sea, the Beach or the Old Aegean Sea, the redefinition of these boundaries is allowed (even if they have been determined by Law 2344/1940). This is done either ex officio (by the Land Service), or after a Request for Treatment by the affected private party. The re-determination may be made in case the relevant expropriation has not been carried out. The private party will have to document and prove the error of the established boundary lines. Necessary actions are:

  • Preparation of a topographical map for the entire property
  • Application of titles dating back to 1910
  • Photographic interpretation of the land over time
  • Submission of the file to the Land Registry
  • Convening of the Commission

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Useful information

Aegean is the area of land between the coastline (the line of contact of the sea with the land) and the line of the maximum winter wave.

Beach is the extra zone of land between 0 and 50 metres beyond the shoreline. The beach zone serves as a communication zone between the land and the sea. In addition, this zone belongs to the public and is in public use. The purpose of this zone is free and unobstructed access to the sea.

If, following natural or artificial reclamation, the position of the Aegilos line has changed and it has moved towards the sea, the area created is the Old Aegilos. This piece of land belongs to the State (private property of the State) and can be transferred to a private person by a specific procedure.

The shore of lakes and washable rivers is the land area that is wet by ordinary rises of their waters.

The riparian zone is the zone around the bank up to 50 metres wide.

Old bank is the area created by the change of the bank’s boundary line.

Port is an area of land and sea, together with works and equipment, which allow, in particular, the reception of all types of watercraft and pleasure craft, the loading, storage, reception and forwarding of their cargo, the handling of passengers and vehicles and the development of business activities directly or indirectly related to maritime transport.

Port works are those which are carried out wholly or partly on the foreshore, bank, beach or riparian zone, in the sea, on the seabed and on the subsoil of the seabed, as well as those which result in the shaping or alteration of such areas or which are provided for by the provisions on port funds.

Φορέας διοίκησης και εκμετάλλευσης λιμένα είναι κάθε δημόσιος φορέας, ή φορέας της Αυτοδιοίκησης, ή ιδιωτικός, ή μικτός φορέας που έχει, κατά νόμο, την ευθύνη της διοίκησης και της εκμετάλλευσης λιμένα.

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