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Acording to N651/77 & N1337/83 a Topographical Chart is required for TRANSFER – SALE – PARENTAL PROVISIONS. This diagram must be accompanied by an engineer’s declaration of Law 651/77.

Posting of the digital Topographical Chart in the National Cadastre application according to the newest specifications with the Approved Digital Signature.

The diagram must indicate the lengths of the sides, the property boundaries, the way they are implemented (picket walls, barbed wire), the names of the neighbors, the area of the property to be sold. The technical structures contained in the property and of course the buildings should also be shown. The High Voltage lines of the PPC, the Aegean & Beach lines, the streams, the boundary of the Forestry Area need to be shown. Regarding the latter it is necessary areas outside the plan the land has to be settled in terms of Forestry issues. Either a Characterization Act should have been issued for the area or a relevant court decision should have been issued or the Forest Map should have been ratified in the area.

The diagram must include the roads on which the property faces, their widths and their classification (National Road, District Road, Rural Road, etc.).

The specifications for the topographic map are numerous and vary according to the case (in- and out-of-plan settlement, settlement zone, ZOE, GIS, natura etc.)

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Do not hesitate to call us if you want us to be directly in the countryside to indicate the limits and measurements.

It would be good to have someone together who knows the boundaries of ownership. It will be useful to have old topographic diagrams and anything related to the property with you (contracts, building permit plans, expropriation plans, characterization deeds, cadastral diagrams, etc.). In case it is a large area, wear comfortable clothes and shoes because we will need to walk on its contour to find its limits.