Accurate Photographic Views of Buildings – Monuments

In architecture, the façade of a building is often the most important aspect from a design perspective, as it prepares the visitor for the rest of the building.

It is common in existing buildings hotels, residences, public buildings, for the facades to be redesigned and reconstructed.

High resolution orthophotograph of the façade (.jpg and .pdf)

Orthoimages of the existing condition, contain all the information in which the ornate decoration is now measurably proven and can be accurately reproduced (drawn). Suitable product for mosaic impressions of archaeological sites and monumental structures.

All the colour tones and textures of the materials and every detail present in the sites at the time of scanning and photographing is accurately rendered.

Damage to the building’s facade is now recorded with maximum accuracy.

Façade Orthophotographs are an excellent tool with which the Architect can work on the restoration of the existing building’s façades.

With this product the Permit for Façade Restoration from the Planning Department is easier and faster to obtain.

How to make a mapping of the building facades

The mapping of existing building exteriors is done by Precision Topographic Measurements combined with the Use of a Static Laser Scanner where all architectural details are captured.

Each facade is captured with a digital scanner and photographed. In case the elevation is covered by dense vegetation and trees, Laser Scanner scanning bypasses the obstacle and we get from the elevation the valuable information needed to draw up the plans.

In case there is an obstacle across the view of the building and it is not possible to locate it, then the measurement information is collected with the Digital Scanner and the images are collected with Drone. The images are converted into measuring images by photogrammetric methods after special measurements of photostable points.