Defining the boundary line of a stream

Defining the boundary line of a stream


To determine Stream or Watercourse Boundaries or the boundaries of a Stream or Non- navigable Rivers need:

  • Topographic – altimetric diagram dependent on a national coordinate network (EΓΣA ’87)
  • Technical Report proposing the stream boundaries based on:
  • Hydrological data – study
  • Hydraulic data – study and
  • Environmental data – study accompanying this technical report. An application for such a determination may be made by a natural person (private individual) to a first-tier local authority or the relevant Prefecture or Region or the Ministry of Environment.


The private person commissions an engineer who is entitled to draw up a topographic – altimetric dependent on the National Coordinate Network, a diagram, as well as the preparation of an appropriate technical report.

In the aforementioned topographic diagram the boundaries are determined by the competent authority which may be:

  • Ministry of Environment
  • The Ministry of Environment (Ministry of Environment)
  • The Ministry of Environment (may be the Regional Environment Agency or the Local Government Authority)
  • Local Local authority of the first level
  • The polygonal lines surrounding the flood lines, the banks of the stream, as well as natural or technical features that form part of the stream are defined.
  • The validation of the designation is done by a decision of the Secretary General of the Region or the Minister of Environment, a Government Gazette is issued, accompanied by the topographical diagram of the designation

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