Specialized in 3D Laser Scanning
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XYZ is constantly innovating and investing in new technologies. It won an award at the Blue Growth 2016 of the Municipality of Piraeus and was selected among 1000 companies worldwide by PortXL of Port of Rotterdam. XYZ specializes in 3D imaging with spatial scanners Laser Scanner 3D, 3D modeling and 360 virtual tours for the construction and industry sectors.

Our partners

Trust our specialized staff. Contact us for the issues that concern you in the 3D or Multidimensional Space. Our team of engineers works with each customer to complete his work on time and at the agreed cost. This team offers customized and cost-effective solutions for each project.


Owners save thousands of Euros by maximizing productivity and minimizing problems at the Project. The scan with Laser Scanner is done in a few hours. Get the first information about the place even the same day! On the day we do the scan, you can use the Point Cloud and virtual space navigation.

Offer request

We know that your time is important, we will work with you to have an offer in your hands in 24 hours at the latest. If you want faster service and immediate information and prices, please contact us at (+30) 6932339437

Case Studies

We have supported more than 130 construction sites to date with more than 100 construction companies in Greece and abroad. Laser Scanner reality modeling projects are done from the beginning (laser spatial scanning) until their completion (modeling) exclusively by our staff.

Certifications ISO 9001 – 2015 & ISO 45001: 2018

XYZ is Certified by the Bureau Veritas in accordance with the requirements of the International standard ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015 & ELOT EN ISO 45001: 2018 for the implementation of technical studies in the fields: PROVISION OF TOPOGRAPHIC SUPPORT OF LABORATORIES INDUSTRY

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