What are the final deliverables?
After processing the above material, a 3D model of the site is produced, from which a complete set of two-dimensional documentation drawings of the building is created:

• Floor Plans, ElevationsElevationsHorizontal and Vertical Sections (2D CAD Drawings)

• Orthophotographs of the floor plans

• Orthophotographs of the elevations

• Orthophotographs of Views Opened photographic views of monuments – buildings

• 3D Models / 3D Model of the Building

• Photographic Texture in the 3D Model

 3D BIM Smart Models

• Orthophotos – Expansions of every surface of the building whatever its shape

• Images of the view from each opening

• Virtual Tour application creation and editing for usability by Trimble Real Works Viewer and/or virtual reality glasses

• Color Point Cloud Point Clouds /Raw data or cleaned clouds or Photographic Pixels with 3 dimensional (x, y, z) coordinates

• Topographic renderings combining the above with the building perimeter and accompanying the building permit

• Profiling – possibility of selecting cross-sections

 3D virtual tour of the model with VR Glasses

• Comparison of “clouds”, control of micromovements

• Geometric documentation and correlation with theoretical model