Have you ever been in an engine room?

It’s a complex of large machines, safety systems and complex piping. The noise is deafening and it’s unbearably hot.

Can you measure to design and install a new system with connections to the existing piping system?

After scanning the engine room without interruption, the site will be delivered to your computer. Thus, you will be able to wander around the engine room and measure every millimeter of it.

Everything is in three dimensions and fully documented.

Every pixel is three-dimensional to the nearest millimeter but we don’t stop there:

Give us the system you want to install in a cad file

We model it and deliver it to you installed in its existing state. Your new wanderings on your computer will contain your new system.

Want to see it in stereoscopic vision?

Want to see it with VR glasses?

Want to change its position?

We’re moving forward with the alternatives you have requested.

When you decide on the final location, you can order the new installation directly, connections made, thus the technicians can proceed in the engine room.

Your computer, containing your new system, is now ready for your new wanderings.