Arbitrary construction statements

Arbitrary construction statements

Procedure for Integration in the setting of arbitrarily constructions

Since 21.09.2011 is strictly prohibited and invalid the negotiability or the establishment of title in property, which has performed unauthorized construction or change of use under Law 4014/2011 (Article 23, paragraph 1).Still, every legal transaction in life after 21.09.2011 requires attached declaration of the owner and engineer’s certificate, which state and confirm that arbitrarily constructions and unauthorized use have not been made to the property (Article 23, paragraph 4).

By integrating in the regulation the application of penalties is being inhibited for thirty (30) years by the payment of a special penalty (Article 24, paragraph 1).

Nowadays, you have many reasons to trust our office for the declaration of your property

• We compile topographic plan immediately all over Greece.
• Each topographic plan refers to the network topographic coordinates EGSA’87 with accuracy approaching one-hundredth of a meter.
• We document the certification of the year of manufacture by photo-interpretation.
• We compose the application form.
• We ensure pricing policy to our services in accordance with legitimate fees provided by the Technical Chamber.


1. The engineer operates a site visit, collects the data required to complete the application for the participation in the regulation and calculates the “temporary fine.”
2. The application is being completed and submitted on line and the system issues a “unique number” for the arbitrarily construction, makes the call for payment of the appropriate “entry fee” and calculates the amount of payments compared with the number of doses taken.
3. The fee paid by citizens at a banking institution of their choice, followed by payment of installments. The citizen is given a code that allows information about the registration of doses and the balance due until the end of the process.
4. The necessary plans and other data are being made to be used for the calculation of the “ultimate penalty” and the redefinition of the amount of the installments of the system.
5. All the required information and plans are submitted and after the note of the file’s completeness, is issued automatically “CERTIFICATE SETTING ARBITRARY”. The certificate is necessary for the transfer of arbitrary.

Using the topographic office equipment and the specialized personnel we made an autopsy, outdoor measurements in order a topographic plan to be drawn, which is dependent on the state system of coordinates (EGSA’87) using geodetic receivers GPS.

Photointerpretation on the existence of Arbitrary

The most acceptable way to prove the existence of some arbitrary point in time is the study of photo-interpretation. With low cost and fully documented report our office makes a design that accompanies the original aerial photographs. The aerial photographs are original images sourced from the relevant public services. This study proves the age, the height, the area of a building and that this structure is located on the same aerial photos as nowadays.
The vast experience in photo interpretation and photogrammetry ensures full coverage on the issue age of the construction documentation.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or send us an email.
If you are interested in your property photo interpretation, we can inform you about the cost of this study and we can give you a financial bid for specific data.

Our Projects

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Do not hesitate to call us if you want us to be directly in the countryside to indicate the limits and measurements.

It would be good to have someone together who knows the boundaries of ownership. It will be useful to have old topographic diagrams and anything related to the property with you (contracts, building permit plans, expropriation plans, characterization deeds, cadastral diagrams, etc.). In case it is a large area, wear comfortable clothes and shoes because we will need to walk on its contour to find its limits.