The earlier the Scan, the greater the benefits
The scanning of every detail and the rich visual material offered are the characteristics of the method.

If this is done in the early stages of the project it allows easy and quick planning in any existing situation.

Scanning before design

Everyone benefits.

Main Designers of the Project
The scanning with Laser Scanner is done within a few hours. Get the first site information even on the same day!
On the day we do the scanning, you can use the Point Cloud and the virtual tour of the site. Find yourself inside the project and virtually wander around you and your colleagues (no matter where you are) for a first impression. See the view as if you were there! Inside the virtual tour you can measure exactly what you want to the nearest millimetre. See the project difficulties, risks and exactly what to ask of subcontractors.

Below are all the precision drawings we will prepare for you and the products you’ll be able to choose from.

A scan done early in a project allows the design process to be accelerated. The scan provides a large amount of important information. That when made available to Subcontractors for Bidding, everyone wins. Subcontractors will immediately understand the project and submit more accurate bids and shorter lead times with no surprises, changes, or setbacks during the project.
The Project Manager
Schedules its work earlier, reducing or eliminating crew and construction conflicts before final design and construction. Accurate and rich information in this initial phase allows for better planning for the duration of the project
The faster the information becomes available, the more value the customer can get from it. All of the above will make the project flow without problems and delays. The intelligent models we offer enable you to consider many alternatives where the calculation to cost is done automatically.
Which sectors are we targeting
Laser Scanning is used in various industries. The more complex the area to be scanned, the greater the need for scanning and producing 3D models. XYZ offers its 3D scanning services nationwide and in other countries in many industries:

Architectural documentation in Preserved and Special Buildings, Residential Buildings
Restoration, restoration, restoration of historic buildings, architectural and architectural heritage, historic buildings, and historic buildings, especially hotels, hotels, apartments, etc.

  • Houses, hotels, apartments, hotels, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, hotels, hotels, hotels, etc.
  • Complex hospital and health care facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Refineries, Fuel and Chemical Storage Facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Manufacturing and assembly plants
  • Large and Demanding Worksites
  • Pharmaceutical Units
  • Theatres and places of entertainment
  • Documentation of Historic and Archaeological Sites
  • 3D Gaming
  • Telecommunications
  • Power stations
  • Water and waste water treatment plants

XYZ has a rich clientele, we want to include you in it

Which specialties we address

  • Architects, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Naval Architects, Hydraulic Engineers, Mining Engineers, Geologists
  • Contractors and Technical Companies
  • Application designers
  • Developers
  • Facility owners
  • Historic preservationists
  • Project managers
  • Landscape architects
  • Subcontractors, Specialized Crews, Carpentry, Metal Fabrication, Suspended Ceiling Installation, Kickstones, Special Lighting, Pools, Marble, Special Tile
  • Event Organizers

Data collected from scans can provide information to support design and prefabrication.