We scan Monuments and Heritage Buildings with the help of a Terrestrial Laser Scanner with high geodetic accuracy up to 2mm.

The scanner captures millions of points, which are georeferenced and combined with photography done with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. They are processed using specialized software programs on powerful computer systems.

Rescue of the original monument

Creation of a Faithful Copy of the Monument to ensure its uniqueness for future generations.
In case of any damage – natural or other destruction, the possibility of immediate restoration of the original is given since every detail of the Monument and the surrounding area will be recorded.

Regardless of the complexity of the Monument we produce “as is” in 1:1 scale (“As Is” Mesh Models)
The models have the high fidelity photographic texture of the actual space or object.


Interactive site tour in the model where the study teams, the monument administration or an online browser can share rich visual material. It is possible to measure in three dimensions on the site. Decisions are made immediately.

Remote users will feel like they are actually there, making their experience easier without travel costs.

Applications in Damage Restoration – Construction of New Sections

  • Quick and accurate measurement of interior and exterior surfaces, “as-is”
  • Complex impressions of interiors and details
  • 3D model creation 3D model export – 2D drawings
  • Modelling of indoor and outdoor spaces in combination
  • Documentation drawings “as is” “As is”
  • B.I.M. (Building Information Modeling) Connection of 3D drawings with the Monument database
  • Member mapping and distortion control

Compilation of Orthoimages
High Resolution Orthophotography – Top – Top – Breathless

All the color tones and textures of the materials and every detail present in the spaces at the time of Scanning and Photography are accurately rendered.

The Existing Condition Orthoimages contain all the information in which the condition of the building is captured and rendered metrically and can be accurately reproduced (drawn).

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