What is the 3D Mesh Model?

A 3D mesh (or grid) model consists of vertices, edges and faces that use polygonal representation (usually triangles) to define a 3D shape. Three-dimensional models are modeled by triangles connected at their edges and vertices to define the shape of an object in three dimensions.

The 3D Laser Scanners we work with accurately capture any space (building object environment structure) in three dimensions no matter how complex its shape. Its technology is based on the dense recording of millions of points (1,000,000 points/sec).

These scanners capture a dense point cloud (up to 0.5 millimeters) which is the first product of ground scanning. The ‘point cloud’ is then processed with appropriate software to produce the mesh model of the site/building/monument/object/construction.

At the moment of digital scanning, high resolution photographs are taken by special cameras located inside the scanners themselves. Thus, each point of the cloud contains the color information and is associated with the elementary trace elements (pixels) that are captured.

In addition, other image acquisitions are made using special techniques.

These images are projected onto the 3D Mesh we produce and thus the digital Mesh model acquires a high-resolution photographic texture.