The software that we use includes the most up to date packages, such as:

  • Trimble® Business Center TBC
  • Survey Access
  • SCENE 3D Documentation Software
  • Cyclone CloudWorx Pro- (for AutoCAD) , delivers 3D point clouds created by High-Definition Surveying (HDSTM), or 3D laser scanning
  • Recap Pro Reality capture and 3D scanning software for intelligent model creation
  • Civil 3D 2021 Autodesk (includes AutoCAD, Autocad Map3D, Road Design) supporting Survey work, Road Design, pipe networks, GIS
  • Revit 2021 Autodesk
  • AutoCAD 3D 2021 Autodesk
  • Verm Topography Program (2 licenses)
  • Geocalc Program of topography and road construction
  • AUGUSTUS Program of topography and road construction
  • Pythagoras Program of topography (2 licenses)
  • Geomatika 10 PCI (Core, Airphoto models, Automatic Dem Etraction, 3D stereo)
  • GNSS studio Thales
  • Fast survey
  • Mobile Mapper Office


Our big advantage is the cutting edge equipment for spatial information technology provider:

  • Trimble S7 Robotic Total Station Plus Vision & Scanning
  • FARO 3D Laser Scanner Focus3D
  • Artec Eva™ Handheld 3D Scanner
  • Trimble R10 Integrated GNSS / GPS System, High Accurate HD-
  • GNSS processing, Trimble SurePoint™ compensates for pole tilt
  • Trimble CenterPoint® RTX delivers GNSS corrections via satellite,
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Trimble S7 Robotic Station
  • Trimble SP60 GNSS Spectra Geospatial, three (3) Geodetic Receivers, RTK base and rover via UHF, Long Range Bluetooth, RTK and RTX
  • Trimble DiNi 0.3 Digital Height measurement sensor with two Invar Precision Barcode Staffs Accuracy 0,3mm/Km (ISO 17123-2)
  • Z-max GPS Real time Kinematic δύο (2) Γεωδαιτικοί Δέκτες, Base – Rover Surveying System, συστημα δύο συχνοτήτων, υψηλής ακρίβειας θέσης έως 0,5cm
  • Field Station DTM 851, Nikon- Pulse Laser Station NPL 820, Nikon
  • Field Station DTM 750, Nikon
  • Total Station DTM 310, Nikon
  • Total Station A10, Nikon
  • Automatic level, Sokkia C330


The office is equipped with work stations and other latest technology optical equipment, including:

  • 7 work stations
  • Juniper Allegro CX (Rugged field computer)
  • 1 Macintosh work station
  • Digitizer Houston Instrument Hipad Plus
  • Plotter A0 HP Design Jet 450C (36Mb RAM)
  • Plotter A0 HP Design Jet T520 (1Gb RAM)
  • Scanner Contex CD 4410 (A0+)
  • Scanner Epson V850 Pro
  • Table optical catoptric stereoscope (1H, 3h, 8h) SOKKIA MS 27


Our offices (170 m2) are based in the Evelpidon Street 31, right in the centre of Athens at the Pedion Areos, opposite the Greek Army Geographic Service (GYS).