Locating Property

Locating Property

A common problem

Finding property based on old titles

A common problem is when heirs of properties in areas unknown to them try to find their ancestral land.

Deeds are illegible, unclear, often without giving basic information such as dimensions, area, neighbours, location.

Other times the area is described with strange units of measurement such as plough, carrot, pairs, ploughshare, sowing, old Turkish acre or royal acre or agricultural acre or tectonic bar and many others.

We have enough experience to help you to locate your property. We use every possible piece of information about the land in question and its neighbors. We analyze the family tree to find potentially useful information. We place all available data “on a map” to combine:

  • Old charts
  • Old charts
  • Contemporary charts Modern charts
  • Aerial photography. We use photo interpretation to locate old trails, boundaries or other features (use, cover, buildings, etc.)
  • Historical cartographic material
  • Where appropriate, other elements

Ground historical photographic material (from a large number of photographic archives). We have developed a specific method of utilising oblique shots. We convert old photographs for specific areas and with a specific method into shots capable of legally documenting cases where it is impossible to find other types of evidence. This study of oblique shots has been developed by our office and we are particularly proud of its effectiveness.

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Contact us!

Do not hesitate to call us if you want us to be directly in the countryside to indicate the limits and measurements.

It would be good to have someone together who knows the boundaries of ownership. It will be useful to have old topographic diagrams and anything related to the property with you (contracts, building permit plans, expropriation plans, characterization deeds, cadastral diagrams, etc.). In case it is a large area, wear comfortable clothes and shoes because we will need to walk on its contour to find its limits.