Interactive virtual tour

XYZ specializes in creating 3D virtual tours, using various methods. Here, we mention two of them:

1) FARO Scene Web Based Cloud provides rich point cloud behind each 360° high-resolution HDR photographic image we collect. This enables high precision measurements to be made online in the virtual tour

2) Trimble RealWorks® Viewer offers a point cloud behind each image. This allows each user to privately browse and make high precision measurements offline in the virtual tour. In addition, in the virtual tour you have the 2D drawings delivered


Generation of stereoscopic interactive VR tour.

Users wear the VR glasses and are virtually in each space, ie: space of a hotel. They can “walk” through the image by locating the blue dots in the area. Remote users will feel as if they are there, making their work easier and reducing the need for travel time and expense.

The virtual tour can be used for training and safety, available on-line.


  1. Very dense virtual tour of the interiors with a clear 360 stereoscopic view, with stations every 2 (to 5) meters

  2. Production of 3D models and display in very high-quality photographic images.