3D “As Is” Model of the “Cad” Building

The three-dimensional drawings of the Existing Condition of the Building (As built drawings).

The rich and accurate point cloud we collect is drawn by our skilled and experienced staff in three dimensions, producing a “Ready to BIM” 3D model in Revit.

This model is the foundation that our clients use for a multi-dimensional design, with a variety of parameters: 3D (design model), 4D (schedules), 5D (costing), 6D (sustainability), 7D (operations).

3D “As-Is” Model of the Building-Monument in “Raster” format

A 3D Model of the Existing Condition of the Building-Monument is created in which every detail of the construction is recorded with very high accuracy.

The 3D Model is used for the Static Study of the Monument, for the preparation of Architectural Plans, the preparation of orthoimages, the capture of 3D surfaces for the creation of additions such as Mosaic Hagiography, Sculptures on complex 3D surfaces.

The rich and accurate point cloud we collect in combination with the special methods of photographing the building-Monument is converted by our qualified and experienced staff into a 3D model.

The 3D Precision Geometric Documentation and Photogrammetric Mapping of the Monument creates an Accurate Digital Archive, in which its current form is recorded and preserved, so that an exact copy of it or part of it can be created in the future.

Therefore, before intervening in a unique World Heritage Site, it is necessary to carry out a 3D Precision Geometric Documentation

The Scope of Work and the Requirements from the team of designers cover a variety of topographic objects and types of work such as Micro triangulation, Digital 3D Scanning, High Resolution Digital Photography, orthoimage compilation, creation of 3D models of existing conditions and creation of 3D Theoretical Geometric Models.

There are high demands on accuracies in three dimensions and the modern technology applications we use allow for precision measurements that blend seamlessly with the photographic texture.