Hotel Renovation with the help of Laser Scanning
Laser scanning is the ideal technology for building restoration due to its lightning-fast scanning, construction accuracy, high throughput and level of detail.

Laser scanning produces highly accurate information that can assist in the design of all the facilities of a hotel property as well as modifications to the original plans. The forecast on the cost of each change is made in real time*.

Laser Scanner Scanning is ideal for capturing reality (As Built) at many levels of interest such as Structural Design (recording timber frame, deviations and defects), Architectural Design (2D drawings, 3D models, establishing As Built BIM) and Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (BIM MEP).

XYZ has earned a reputation for providing excellent service in 3D Laser Scanning and fast production of drawings from them.
Our experienced engineers collect millions of points for each building or facility. A team of in-house engineers work with each client to develop customized deliverables that assist in the design phase and the execution phase of the Hotel Renovation.

With accurate data, the transition from Design to Construction is Direct and Smooth with no unforeseen costs, concerns, disagreements and conflicts.

Our Projects

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