The orthophoto is an edited aerial photograph, which has been corrected due to relief (ortho-correction). Specifically, each elementary icon of the image (pixel) increases or decreases depending on the altitude at which the produced image (orthophoto) is obtained, so that it acquires a uniform scale and measurements can now be made on it.

In orthophotos we can overlap with drawings and maps or compare orthophotos with each other to see changes that have occurred at some place on the ground over time.

The orthophotos have geo-reference, ie they are integrated in a coordinate system which is usually in the coordinate network EGSA ”87 (the network used by the National Land Registry).

The specific material that comes from the download of the past, in combination with the current situation, becomes an essential tool for the Individual (or for the person of private or Public sector), since now, he is able to know accurately and very quickly, for specific area and specific date the use and coverage of land in the total area under consideration.

The orthophotos are suitable for:

Our office with its state-of-the-art technology and vast experience in the field is able to undertake the preparation of photogrammetric, as well as the compilation of orthophotos for large areas in a short time and at a relatively low cost.

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