Topographic – Direct

We give special importance to the immediate completion of the topographic works that we undertake.
Because topographic surveys are the first stage of a project and are a necessary element for the study of the project by engineers of other specialties (architects, engineers, politicians, etc.) it is important to complete it correctly in a short time.
For this reason xyz:

  • It has the necessary staff for both field work and office work
  • It has equipped the field workshops with the latest technology tools (GPS real time Kinematic and total stations) which guarantee the very fast completion of the field work with low cost and maximum accuracy
  • It has complete computerization (scanner A0, plotter A0, modern workstations) but also the top performance and diagramming software (office equipment and software)
  • It has been properly organized for the immediate completion of this work
  • We have a financial offer of the works that will be requested within 24 hours.
  • We are in the countryside for measurements within 48 hours!
  • Finally you have in your hands the topographic diagram on a pre-agreed date

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