Digital Signature of Topographic Diagrams

All modern topographic diagrams that accompany transfer contracts for the purchase and sale of parental benefits (and other registrable deeds) are mandatory (n.4409 / 16) to be signed electronically and to be submitted electronically to the digital receiver of the HELLENIC LAND REGISTRY.

Our editorial engineers submit the topographic diagrams electronically:

  • The diagrams that according to the current legislation are drawn up and attached to writable deeds in the whole of the Greek Territory.
  • The diagrams of geometric changes that are submitted together with the applications for registration of registrable deeds and the applications for correction of the geometric data to the Cadastral Offices in the areas where the Cadastre operates.

Thus, in addition to the certified signature of the author, through the database of the TEE (Technical Chamber of Certified Engineers of Greece), automatic checks are made for the completeness of the diagrams according to the specifications.

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