Photo Interpretation & Forest Maps – Objections

The posting of Forest Maps is completed at the beginning of 2021!


See the table with the new expected dates of posting of Forest Maps throughout Greece:


Athens 22/01/2021
Etoloakarnania 05/02/2021
Eastern Attica 12/02/2021
Eastern Attica 26/02/2021
Argolida 22/01/2021
Arcadia 15/01/2021
Arta 19/02/2021
Achaia 26/02/2021
Boeotia 19/02/2021
Grevena 29/01/2021
Drama 15/01/2021
West Attica 12/02/2021
West Attica 26/02/2021
Dodecanese 05/02/2021
Evros 12/02/2021
Evia 22/01/2021
Evritania 05/02/2021
Zakynthos 15/01/2021
Ilia 12/02/2021
Imathia 26/02/2021
Heraklion 29/01/2021
Thesprotia 26/02/2021
Thessaloniki 05/02/2021
Ioannina 19/02/2021
Kavala 15/01/2021
Karditsa 19/02/2021
Kastoria 15/01/2021
Corfu 22/01/2021
Kefallinias 15/01/2021
Kilkis 26/02/2021
Kozani 12/02/2021
Corinth 22/01/2021
Cyclades 19/02/2021
Laconia 26/02/2021
Larissa 19/02/2021
Lassithi 29/01/2021
Lesvos 29/01/2021
Lefkada 15/01/2021
Magnesia 26/02/2021
Messinia 12/02/2021
Xanthi 05/02/2021
Piraeus 12/02/2021
Piraeus 12/02/2021
Piraeus 26/02/2021
Pella 05/02/2021
Pieria 15/01/2021
Preveza 26/02/2021
Rethymno 12/02/2021
Rodopi 29/01/2021
Samos 22/01/2021
Serres 29/01/2021
Trikala 12/02/2021
Fthiotida 19/02/2021
Florina 22/01/2021
Fokida 22/01/2021
Halkidiki 26/02/2021
Chania 12/02/2021
Chios 19/02/2021

GET READY IN TIME FOR AN OBJECTION THAT MAY NEED TO BE DONE. The time frame of 45 days (65 for residents abroad) for submitting objections is very small and the possibility of services for publishing aerial photographs of older years, where you can document – substantiate your objection, is limited.


Is it important to object?

This is probably the last chance you have to clear your forest property. After this deadline you can no longer object and no extension period is provided.

You can see here the posting of the Forest Map

The objections – objections concern exclusively the questioning of the forest character of the forest areas appearing on the map. Those who have a legal interest (paying the objection fee), can file their objection electronically. Our office in collaboration with a forester due to his specialization in issues of photo interpretation and location of properties in aerial photographs of the past, can actually help in such objections, since the material of aerial photographs is perhaps the only essential element that can prove the possible “Non-forest” character of the area in question.

Always close to you with this specialized website in Cadastral matters, we try to help the citizens as mechanical advisors in the matters of the National Cadastre.


The deadline for submitting the objection, together with the necessary supporting documents that will justify and substantiate the objection, is set at forty-five days and starts from the last publication.

The objections – objections are examined within four months from the expiration of the deadline for their submission by a three-member committee formed by a decision of the General Secretary of the relevant Region.
Once ratified, the forest charter becomes final and has full probative value in any administrative or judicial authority.

With orthophoto maps for the critical year of 1945, we can immediately inform you about the character and type of vegetation that your property showed in 1945.
Of course this is an important first element that can be checked. Aerial photographs from 1938 and 1960, as well as more recent years, are also being considered for a complete overview of the property. Then we proceed to the preparation of a documented photo-interpretation study with orthophoto maps and a comparative representation of the area over time in order to provide indisputable proof of the use of the area under study.

Need Photo Interpretation for Objection to Forest Maps?
What else is needed to support my positions on the committee responsible?
What else can be submitted to the Commission?
How long can I make the Objection?
Until when can I submit the Photo Interpretation Study or other data?
Can other documents be submitted after the Commission meeting?

Our office is fully equipped with logistical equipment that in combination with with significant twenty years of experience in the field of photo interpretation , is able to undertake any case guaranteeing the timely and its proper handling.


A. The objection form completed with the details of the natural / legal person, the geographical coordinates (in Hellenic Geographical System of Coordinates EGSA ’87) of the property and the formulation of the objection.

B. The elements that establish the legal interest (ownership, mortgage, slavery, pre-agreement for the sale – donation of real estate, etc.)

C. The proof of payment of the corresponding special fee

D. Simple photocopy of identity card or passport

E. A simple photocopy of a document from which the VAT number of the person submitting the objection can be obtained (PPC account, tax clearance, etc.).


Area (in acres) to:Objection fee Objection fee
0,1 10 €
1 40 €
5 90 €
10 180 €
20 350 €
100 700 €
300 1.400 €
>300 3.300 €

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