Our Engineers



Dimitris Bilalis, married with three children, is Rural and Surveying Engineer with a degree of Class C in surveying studies and of Class B in road construction and specializing in waste management (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - Belgium).
He has worked as head manager of topographic department at the largest construction sites that have taken place in Athens (Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, Karaiskaki Stadium, the Mall, etc.) and has great experience in steel construction worksites. In his spare time he tries to ride a bike and explore the "patristic" books.



Stefanos Katsolis, married with two children, is Rural and Surveying Engineer with a degree of Class C in surveying studies and of Class B in road construction.
Specializing in the rehabilitation of contaminated sites of uncontrolled waste disposal (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium).
Supervising topographic section at the Consortium of companies Mochlos - Cybarco - Iacovou for the preparation of all road projects of the International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos, total length 150Km as runways - taxiways and internal roads.
Then, he specializes in photo-interpretation – photogrammetry, preparing many studies. Fan of bicycle (only moves with it) takes with "friends of cycling" the process of developing design and construction of cycle networks for movements in Athens.
In his spare time he rides his bike with his son and when he is at home invites friends to share his cooking and exotic cocktails.




Stella Spanogianni is Rural and Surveying Engineer with a degree of Class A in surveying studies and of Class D in road construction.
She has great experience in cadastre and she has worked as a surveyor engineer in charge of land registration office and she has taken part in surveying large sites.
She has also worked (as a member of joint ventures) in construction and supervision of buildings. She loves the sea and nature, so consequently she enjoys camping. The rest of her spare time she goes to the cinema and she likes manufacturing handmade jewelry.



Maria Draganoudi 205

Maria Draganoudi has Bachelor Degree in Department of Architecture of the University of Thessaly. She has worked as an intern in architectural offices in Spain and Greece and she has participated in various workshops and conferences concerning urban design, housing and constructions in 1:1 scale. She has been involved in designing public buildings and vacation houses, but also in designing furniture. Her research interest is about architecture and educational environments.



Antonis Tselios 205

Antony Tselios is an Architect engineer, N.T.U.A graduate. He has worked with a great number of architectural firms and gained knowledge on a great part of the Architectural process. He is experienced on schematic designs, design development, permit documentation, construction documentation, overseeing and administration and has worked on a variety of building types including residential, commercial, sport installations and public buildings too. For 5 years he resided and worked in the U.S in San Francisco where he worked on religious building designs and water proofing consulting and repairs. His is always focused on the latest drawing and design methods and on gaining new professional experience and knowledge.



Irene Koutelidaki 205

Irene Koutelidaki is a civil engineer. She has graduated from Piraeus University Of Applied Sciences and she has experience as a construction site engineer in major Public funded construction projects both in Athens and in the provinces. She has knowledge in the organization and management Public funded construction projects and has experience in 3D Visual Design. Her mane duties at xyz are the production of survey maps, photointerpretation and legalization of informal property.




George Manoudis studied electrical engineering at Imperial College London and since 1998 he works in the field of applications of internet in the UK, Italy and Greece.
He is specialized in creating websites for major sporting events and he has worked for years with FIFA and UEFA. George likes sports and in his spare time he runs in mountain and long distance races. He also likes playing traditional drums and trombone.



Ilias Kofos 205

Elias Kofos is a Surveying Engineer from the University of West Attica. He has extensive knowledge relating to surveying and staking out on field, as well as for procedures which precede and succeed these. In addition, as a member of XYZ, he has played a significant role in as built 3D documentation, specifically within projects that include laser scanning and 3D modeling. He also likes road cycling and hiking.



Helen Argyropoulou is Rural & Surveying Engineer, NTUA. She has great experience in field work and she has worked on construction sites and road building projects. She knows issues about mapping and engraving on both outdoors and indoors. She has also worked with titrations of excavation work for large measurements. She has experience in land matters.
Helen likes to travel and when she gets the chance, arranges trips in Greece. She also likes dancing and photography.