Surveying for Photovoltaic Park

Surveying for Photovoltaic Park

Galatas2 LiteThe appropriate drawing for the licensing of Photovoltaic Park is the basis on which various studies are compiled.

Basic and essential element of the dossier submitted for approval by the PPC is the topographic plan. This plan is the key project and not a formal document.

  • The shape 
  • the dimensions
  • the area
  • the topography of land
  • the orientation

are key elements in the design.
The means of access to the extent if it has

  • facade in city road or
  • in rural road or
  • in a path or even if
  • property is sightless and needs (or has) servitude pass from other properties,

must be seen and identified in the plan.
Also, significant is to take into account the distance of the selected area by the existing solar formed system PPC (PPC columns).
The terrain of the property plays an important role in designing a Photovoltaic Park.

  • The slope
  • the orientation of the installation space compared with the solar horizon and
  • the formation of soil excavation and embankments for the placement of the panels and the construction of an access road

is potential work that may be necessary.
The study of the drainage of rainwater (and test whether they affect the installation) also requires precise knowledge of the terrain.
Highlight of an updated topographic plan is the correct placement of the property on the requisite maps. These maps are the

  • 1:5000 and
  • 1:50000 of the Military Geographical Service (HMGS) and the
  • Urban Zones Control diagrams and the Spatial Plan and Housing Organization Open City.

Finally, the list of coordinates of vertices of the property in Greek Geographic Reference System 1987 (EGSA 87) is also necessary for the completeness of the topographic plan.
The accurate and detailed topographic drawing is a tool to study the optimal choice of location of the ' PANELS ' that make up the solar park. At the same time it is utilized for selecting the internal road construction, which is essential for transportation and installation of ' PANELS'.