Topographic for Act of Characterization

The Topographic Diagram shows the shape and location of the property in a coordinate system EGSA ’87 and contains table of coordinates of the vertices of the property. It also contains an excerpt of a 1: 5000 scale diagram of the Army Geographical Service (GYS) in which the position and shape of the property in this diagram has been accurately indicated. This Topographic Diagram has been prepared by a private surveyor engineer by order of the interested individual and is now a necessary element for the submission of the application, but also for the issuance of the characterization act.

The placement of the property in the right place is a key point for the characterization of the area under study. For this reason the above diagrams are accompanied by a signed Statement of the Engineer, which confirms that the location of the property is that described in the diagram. The diagram is submitted in 7 copies to the competent Forest Office together with the Property Titles and of course an application for Deed of Characterization.

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