Overview of services

The earlier you scan, the more the benefits
Detailed scanning and the rich visual material it provides are the main features of the method. If this occurs in the beginning stages of the project, the design and/or planning process can be rendered smoother and more feasible.

Scanning before planning
Everyone benefits:

Main Designers of the Project: Laser Scanning can be completed within a few hours. Receive the first information on your space even on the same day! The day we scan, you can use the resulting point cloud to virtually navigate in the space. Find yourself inside the project and virtually wander with your colleagues (regardless of your actual location) for a first impression. See the view as if you’re there! Inside the virtual tour, you can measure whatever you wish with 1mm accuracy. Observe the difficulties, the dangers, and the risks to determine what to request from the subcontractors.
Next are the accurate drawings we will prepare for you, in addition to the products you choose to accommodate your needs.

Subcontractors: One scan conducted early during a project allows for the acceleration of the planning process. A scan provides a large quantity of important information, which if provided to subcontractors for the drafting of tenders, helps every stakeholder benefit. The subcontractor can immediately comprehend the project and present accurate tenders relatively quickly with no surprises, changes or backtracking during the project.

Project Administration: Plans the project earlier, decreasing and eliminated conflicts within the project team before the final design and construction. The accurate and rich information in the beginning phase allows for improved planning throughout the duration of the project.

Owners: The quicker the information is made available and accessible, the more value a client can procure from it. All the above facts render the flow of the project with much fewer problems and delays. The intelligent models we provide you allow the examination of many alternative solutions, where cost calculation can occur automatically.

Which fields are we addressing?
Laser Scanning is used in different sectors. The more complex a space is, the greater the need for scanning and 3D model production. XYZ provides its services for 3D scanning on a national level, as well as abroad and in many fields, such as:

  • Architectural Documentation for Listed and unique buildings and homes.
  • Malls
  • Plots and Stadiums
  • Complex hospital spaces and clinics
  • Office buildings
  • Refineries, Fuel and Chemical Storage Units
  • Industrial Installations
  • Construction and assemblage installations
  • Large and Demanding Construction Sites
  • Pharmaceutical Units
  • Theatres and Recreational Spaces
  • Historical and Archaeological Documentation
  • 3D Gaming
  • Telecommunication
  • Power plants
  • Water and waste treatment plants

XYZ has an abundant clientele and would like to include you as well

Which specializations are we addressing?

  • Architects, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Naval and Marine Engineers, Hydraulic Engineers, Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, Geologists,
  • Asset Managers/Appraisers
  • Contractors
  • Application designers
  • Computer programmers
  • Owners of installations
  • Restorers
  • Project Managers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Subcontractors, Specialized project teams, wooden installations, steel structures, suspended ceilings, lighting fixture installers, pools, marble and special tiles
  • Event organizers

The data captured by the scans can provide information for the support of planning and prefabrication.

What we finally deliver to you…
As Built Drawings
BIM modeling
3D Steel Structures
Laser Scanning in Architecture
Industrial Installations
Laser Scanning in Geology