As Built 3D Documentation for Buildings

Laser Scanning Old Building1

The documentation of the interior and exterior of existing buildings is conducted using laser scanning, through which all architectural, structural, mechanical and other details are documented, as dense point clouds are integrated with complete photographic documentation. Each one of these buildings is documented with a digital scanner as well as photographed. An intermediate product of laser scanning is the point cloud, in which each point is assigned XYZ coordinates in 3D space. Every point also contains RGB information and is corresponded to a pixel recorded in the built-in camera of the laser scanner. Thus millions of points are recorded in 3D Space. The great point density combined with color information for each point approaches what is known as virtual reality.


The work that takes place on site and in the office includes:

  • at least one scan per space/room
  • Registration of the scans and Georeferencing of the point cloud
  • Photographic documentation of the scanned space
  • Post-processing of the above and modelling
  • Production of sections, cross-sections, elevations and other 2D Drawings
  • Production of a photographic virtual tour using virtual reality glasses