Laser Scanning in Architecture


Most of the times, architectural design doesn't begin on a blank slate. The preexisting conditions in the surrounding area, and even within the existing building(s) itself are those which determine to the greatest extent the pending transformation. This is why the more information available to an Architect, the less arduous his/her work will turn out during the design phase, but also during the coordination of the project team.

As a result, the more precise and accurate the documentation of existing conditions, the more certain an Architect can feel about the innovative ideas he/she presents.

The faster plans are available to them, the more time they will have to create.

The more easily they can navigate within the project space with their colleagues, the more costs can be decreased, and the more fruitful collaboration can prove to be.

With XYZ Laser Scanning and 3D Modeling Services, architects are able to have in a short amount of time complete models of buildings and of their surrounding spaces in compatible formats for familiar 3D design software (SketchUp, Revit, AutoCAD 3D)

Thus, an architect can devote his/her time directly to the composition of original ideas. Concepts difficult to materialize with other methods in the past can now be implemented.

With the high accuracy that this method achieves, structural and architectural drawings are now endowed with an undoubtful certainty, so that each structure or prefabricated building be associated with conditions that exist in the surrounding area at millimeter accuracy.

In a restoration project of a Preserved Building, Hotel Renovation or other construction we produce highly accurate (2 to 5mm) As Is Drawings rapidly.