Building Information Modeling

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The high speed, output and precision of laser scanning renders it the ideal method for building modeling and documentation, while it can also support new installations and modifications to plans and designs.


Beyond 3D Modeling:


3D Models can now be connected to databases, creating intelligent models in which every building element is associated with material data, dimensions, typology, data regarding time of installation, duration of life, and any other information that may accompany it.


Every building element, from walls and beams to plumbing or lighting fixtures is recorded and connected to the intelligent and dynamic database, simultaneously incorporating construction and maintenance costs. Thus, changes in the budget can be forecasted and calculated in real time.


XYZ has earned a reputation of providing excellent services in 3D Laser Scanning and their experienced engineers collect millions of points on site for every building and installation with automated methods. Meanwhile, another team of engineers located in the office collaborates with clients to develop the deliverables that aid in the planning phase and execution of any project.


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