As Built Documentation

Drawings are the beginning and the end of any reconstruction project. Before any intervention is made, as built drawings must be created for the building or structure in order to document the existing geometry. Depending on the contractor, the quality of As Built Drawings may greatly vary, but before making any important decisions, the interested party would be advised to make an effort to understand what As Built means.

What are As Built Drawings?
As Built drawings may be considered the most fundamental maintenance and structural documentation products utilized during a restoration or renovation project. Usually, the drawings owners have at their disposal are the first drawings/plans of a structure, though in some cases, they have been revised to reflect changes on site. In Greece, it isn’t uncommon for drawings or plans to go missing because they have been destroyed or lost. Sometimes, there is reasonable doubt regarding the structural integrity of large industrial or office buildings. In these cases, we are often chosen to provide accurate 3D drawings of the bearing structure of a building, thus allowing for further study and the resolution of structural issues.

Where are they used?
In which types of projects are As Built Drawings necessary?

In all the following structural units and buildings which need interventions, additions and new installations. The As built state must be documented in drawings for safety precautions, as well as for certification.


  • Redesigning Incomplete Buildings
  • Buildings or structures, for monitoring structural integrity, and Listed Buildings
  • Special Buildings and Housing
  • Malls
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings and Installations
  • Construction Installations and assemblies
  • Refineries, Fuel and Chemical Storage Units
  • Pharmaceutical Units
  • Telecommunication Installations
  • Power Stations
  • Water and waste treatment plants
  • Stadiums
  • Largescale and demanding construction sites
  • Theaters and Recreational Spaces requiring interventions and additions
  • Monuments and Temples
  • Mines - caves requiring interventions


With laser scanning, 3D is now a reality

  • Point clouds with 0.5 mm spatial density
  • Excellent scanning speed, up to 1 million points/sec
  • Absolute accuracy approaching 2mm
  • Completely automated
  • Complete and reliable documentation of the smallest details
  • Real-time results, error control
  • Material and reflectivity information
  • Measurements can be conducted in any lighting conditions
  • As Built 3D modeling
  • 1:1 Scale without assumptions or generalizations
  • Absolute Surveying accurac
  • Control over construction process
  • 3D Design- ability to combine high resolution imagery with 3D Models
  • High accuracy Orthoimages
  • Highly aesthetic presentation- high quality images
  • Web access to final product
  • XYZ has the ISO 9001-2008 Certification for "Specialized 3D Laser Scanning Documentation" from the Bureau Veritas
  • 22 years of experience and consistency on large scale Technical Projects
  • Because XYZ are the 3 Dimensions!