As Built 3D Documentation of Steel Structures

As-built documentation of complex steel structures and their virtual reinstallation in a different space with the use of a static Laser Scanner is conducted to document the structure with accuracy not surpassing 3 mm. A steel structure is scanned and a dense point cloud is produced. Furthermore, the 3D Point Cloud may be modelled for individual parts of the structure.

If a virtual reinstallation is desired, the new space is accurately scanned and the whole steel structure can be virtually “moved” to the new space where it will be installed.
After evaluating and checking for possible installation issues (crossings or obstructions with other structures) in different positions, the final position of the structure can be determined. The foundations of the steel structure can be scored in their new position and each steel part can be reassembled in its new position.

The advantages and features of the method:

  • Connecting/Orienting scans with each other and with the project reference system.
  • Photographic documentation of the steel structure and of its destination installation space
  • Recording the systems of interest with photorealistic texture
  • Absolute documentation accuracy of steel structures and of their destination spaces
  • Production of 2D sections, plans, elevations and cross-sections to document the process 
  • Production of a photographic virtual tour using virtual reality glasses for the structure in the new position. 

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