Topographic Specifications

The specifications for the topographic diagram intended for the issuance of a Building Permit include:

  • The title of the project with the details of the owners, the location, the place name and the address of the ownership of the project, the scale, the date of elaboration of the study, the details of the designer, the stamp and the signature of the draft, as well as the control and visa.
  • Placement of the property and its depiction in an excerpt of the topographic diagram of scale 1: 5000 of the Geographical Service of the Army (GYS).
  • Distribution or Land Reclamation Extract (if the property has resulted from the distribution or land reclamation of the Ministry of Agriculture).
  • Trek Sketch of access to the property with depiction of features – recognizable points or excerpt of satellite imagery with the location of the property.
  • Building Conditions, Land Uses, existence of GIS. (General Urban Plan), existence of Z.O.E. (Housing Control Zone).
  • Statement for the existence of High or Medium Voltage Lines of PPC, Natural Gas, Electricity.
  • Statement of the owner about the boundaries of the property and about the legal right to apply for a building permit, with reference to the title deed from which the ownership of the property derives.
  • Statement of Law 651/1977.
  • Statement of Law 1337/83.
  • Statement of law 2308/1995 of the National Land Registry.
  • List of coordinates of the tops of the property, the tops of the existing buildings and the future buildings in EGSA ’87 .
  • The area of ​​the property and the code number of the national cadastre (KAEK) if any.
  • The way and method of mapping and dependency on the coordinate grid.
  • The absolute heights of the peaks of the property and the altitude curves.
  • The location of the existing trees with their characterization, or a statement about the non-existence of trees (recording of the trees that are not protected by the forest legislation, but by law 1337/83 article 40).
  • The complete and detailed survey of the property, with the existing and future buildings with the dimensions of the sides.
  • Yield of the intersection of the boundaries of the property with the boundaries of the neighboring properties.
    Illustration of the coastline, the expropriation limit, the archeological site limit, the forest area by act of designation and other lines where required.
  • Photos of the property, as well as a download diagram.
  • North and grid.
  • Reference to the fee calculation form of T.E.E. and in the payment order protocol number.
  • Digital signature.

For the areas within the approved building plan:

  • Excerpt from the current approved road plan with an illustration of the location of the plot.
    The roadmap decree, the ratification decision (for a ratified implementing act), the building conditions, the land uses, the definition of a road and building line.
  • Existence of preservatives and declaration of perfection of the neighboring properties.
  • Absolute altitudes of the tops of the plot, the curbs, the red of the road and the kennel. Elevation curves where required.
  • Certificate of altitude on the face of the plot from the competent municipality.
  • Capture the sides of the building block and the opposite so that the r.c. can be determined. and the og, as well as the curb (where there is one).
  • The number of the building block to which the plot belongs, the numbers of the adjacent building blocks, as well as the width of the approved streets need to be indicated.

Specifications do not end there. There are several more which differ depending on the competent Urban Planning and the peculiarities of each area.

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