Characterization Act

Designation deed : is an official decision (document with the protocol number of the forest office and the signature of the forest chief) issued by the Forest Office either ex officio (if there is a reason), or at the request of the interested owner to designate the off-plan property of. The document is issued in areas that have not been declared under cadastre and no cadastral studies or Forest Maps are prepared. The document of the Characterization Act is accompanied by an appropriate Topographic Diagram according to the specifications of the Forest Service, which shows the figure and the location of the property in the system EGSA ’87 .

On the topographic that is signed and sealed by the competent forest office, the parts of the land of the property that are characterized as ‘forest’ or ‘forest areas’ are always clearly defined and described in accordance with the existing forest legislation, as well as the remaining areas (field, grassland etc.).

It can then be published in the press – either by the interested party or by the Forest Service and within 60 days if there is no < a href = “”> objection then the Character is final.

Every natural or legal person who has a legal interest has the right to express objection – objection against the Act Characterization within the period of 60 days from the last publication or notification of the relevant Act.

Government Gazette 3632B / 31-12-2014 Determination of the type and the required elements of the application for the issuance of a Characterization Deed, as well as the type, content and elements of the above characterization act as well as the decision of the Commission on of objections against it

According to the new law, it was decided to define uniform forms regarding the application for the issuance of Deed of Characterization, the Deed of Characterization and the decisions of the Forest Dispute Resolution Committees.


We are able to assist you in completing the required application, the model of which is listed above, as well as in the preparation of a topographic diagram depending on EGSAID87.

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