Fiber Optic – Topographic Imaging

Our specialized equipment includes dual frequency geodetic GPS with car controls, imprint automation, special jeep installation system with motion imprint with 3cm accuracy.

Fiber optics is used as a cable in modern wiring. It is used, mainly, where the distances are long and the twisted pair cable can not be used and where the requirements in transmission rates are quite high.

Fiber optic cables, which usually contain fiber optic bundles, are mainly used by telecommunications organizations for long-distance terrestrial and submarine connections, replacing both coaxial cable lines and terrestrial and satellite microwave links.

We have special experience in the organization, elaboration and documentation of similar images both in the course of the optical fiber and in the installations in the cabin points in any part of Greece.

In 2010, more than 2000km of optical fiber have been captured and delivered by our office and 150 topographic diagrams of cab documentation have been compiled in 10 remote prefectures of the country.

Contact us for a financial offer with the current tracking kilometer.

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