Service Costs

Fees have been determined for Laser Scanning and 3D Modeling Services, keeping in mind your need for quick decisions.

XYZ understands your time is highly valuable and will collaborate with you to provide a quote within 24 hours.
The sooner the decision is made to use Laser Scanning technology during a construction project or renovation, the more profit our client can accumulate.
A) With complete drawing plans, the project administration is then able to receive proposals from contactors. Bidders will be more informed about the project in their hands with less surprises from both sides in the future.
B) Modifications, dismantling and reconstructions arising from error can be eliminated. Overlapping detection will be conducted from here on only in Virtual Reality from XYZ or your team!

We accurately scan, analyze and finally deliver the products and/or services within the agreed upon timeline and budget.
Every project is unique, variable circumstances should be expected to affect fees.
Unique conditions including space occupation, obstacles, lighting conditions, location accessibility, risks and necessary security measures will all have to be taken into account by XYZ during the scanning, and will most likely effect pricing.

How will the cost of laser scanning be recouped?
Quite often, administration, clients in addition to the main contractor wonder how such a cost can be incorporated into the foreseen (or unforeseen) costs of the Project.
By weighing the advantages of 3D laser scanning against the use of traditional measurements for As Built documentation, it is clear that the following benefits can be obtained.

  • Direct Capturing Our laser scanner captures up to one million 3D points per minute, providing incredibly accurate and rich details for every angle of your project.
  • Accuracy Individual measurements conducted with measuring tape and hand-held instruments cannot achieve constructional accuracy. “Micro-errors” which ensue could possibly cost the project greatly, both in money and time. Laser Scanning is the most accurate method available for measurement, providing 1 mm precision.
  • Backtracking is eliminated By incorporating laser scanning into the design of a Project, you can ensure accurate, precise and complete information. Forget about stress, frustration and unforeseen costs and delays!
  • Answers related to As Built Documentation How many times have you left your office to go on site, just to see or measure something that had been forgotten?With the virtual tour that accompanies every scan, you can control every detail of the project without traveling. The rich visual material that XYZ supplies can be uploaded for a virtual visit. Thus the technical team and project administration can share it without limits. Measurements are conducted without contact from a distance in various conditions, such as in very occupied spaces, in high-risk areas, in places difficult to access, or in spaces whose function or activity cannot be paused.
  • Use of BIM for the Building Life Cycle The benefits of Building Information Modeling do not cease at the construction phase. A Building Information Model is an intelligent and sophisticated tool which monitors the life cycle of a building. This way, building management and maintenance is rendered more efficient through the elimination of errors or unforeseen factors. Learn more about BIM advantages for the building life cycle on our detailed webpages.