National Register of Water Intake Points (Ε.Μ.Σ.Υ.)


According to article 6 of JM 150559 (Government Gazette 1440 / 16-06 -2011, Procedures, terms and conditions for the issuance of licenses for existing water use rights) and its amendments, the supporting documents accompanying the application – statement for the issuance of a water use license for existing water rights and uses are:

a. Decision approving environmental conditions or environmental report , if required.

b. Proof of water use right , such as a copy of a relevant decision to grant a water use right, a copy of an old license, PPC documents, a certificate or a document from a competent public authority. In case none of the above proofs exists, the interested party may submit a responsible statement of Law 1599/1986, with the original signature considered , in which the exact date of commencement of operation of the water intake will be stated. and the non-existence of any of the above evidence.

c. Map extract (1: 5000) or orthophoto map extract or digital display with the exact location of the water intake project (X, D, Z) in projection system EGSA ’87 in duplicate.

d. Information on water quality and suitability for the specific use mentioned in the application (chemical or microbiological analysis of water, as provided by current legislation for the various uses of water). In case of using water for irrigation, no chemical analysis is required from the interested party.

e. Copy of legal title or other deed from which arises the right of exclusive use of the space in which the water is used, by virtue of a real or obligatory relationship such as: i) a notarial document from which a right of ownership arises or usufruct, ii) lease agreement, iii) decision approving intervention in forest area, iv) decision of the Ministers of Development and Rural Development and Food for concession of public land in case of designation of land as more barren.

f. Legal power of attorney in case the applicant acts on behalf of a legal entity . In this case, a certified copy of the legal constituent act of the legal entity under private law or the collective body shall be submitted.

g. In areas where there are collective water management networks, certificate of non-service organization by collective network .

h. In case of a permit for water supply of a building, building permit or a document from the competent Urban Planning Service certifying the possibility of its water supply.

According to the JMA 145026 (Government Gazette 31 / 14-01-2014, Establishment, management and operation of the National Register of Water Intake Points (EMSY) from Surface and Groundwater Systems) “A Register of Water Intake Points with the name “National Register of Water Intake Points (EMSY)”, for the total registration of water intake points and the quantities of water to be taken from the surface and groundwater systems of the country. “

Registrations in Ε.Μ.S.Y.

In the Ε.Μ.Σ.Υ. all water intake points from surface and groundwater must be registered, in particular:

a) New water intake points to which a water use permit is granted after 14-01-2014.

b) Water intake points for which, on 14-01-2014, applications for granting or renewing a water use permit have been submitted to the competent services.

c) Existing water intake points, which were licensed for the first time after 20-12-2005, regardless of whether the water use permit is valid or not and do not fall under case (b).

d) Existing water intake points, which were licensed for the first time before 20-12-2005, regardless of whether the water use permit is valid or not and do not fall under case (b).

e) In general, all existing water intake points active or inactive that do not fall under the above cases.

For the water intake points of cases (a), (b) and (c) the registration is done by the Water Directorates of the Decentralized Administrations with the assistance, where required, of the Special Secretariat of Water.
For the water intake points of cases (d) and (e) all owners and / or users of water intake points are obliged, until September 30, 2014, to submit an application for their registration in the EMSY, which is accompanied from a responsible statement of Law 1599/1986 of the interested party regarding his capacity as a beneficiary.

Until January 30, 2015, the interested user of each active water intake point is obliged to submit an application for the granting or renewal of the water use permit. The issuance of the registration certificate is a condition for initiating the licensing process and does not bind the licensing authority as to whether or not to grant the water use permit.

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