Elite Suites

elite suites

Project Name: Elite Suites
Location: Rhodes, Greece
Total Time Spent: 1 week of scanning, 1 week for registration, plan production and 3d as built model
Final Product: As Built Documentation of the hotel in scale: 1:100. Plans with electrical fixtures added, RCPs, facades and cutting sections
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Deliverables for the Elite Suites Project were 1:100 scale plans with electrical components for each of the luxurious rooms of the hotel complex.

As XYZ has earned its reputation for providing excellent service in Laser 3D Scans and the rapid production of plans from them, undertook the project and completed it in a very short time.

Our engineers gathered millions of points for each room and its outdoor pool areas. Then, with the 3D As Built model produced, each element of the building was recorded, from the masonry and beams to the pipes or the lamps and the manholes. This clever model had been complemented throughout our collaboration with the architectural office that undertook the renovation, eliminating the scenario of mistakes or inaccuracies in hotel areas that might have existed with a conventional imprinting method.

elite suites01

Rlite Suites 3D View

Elite Suites 3D View 2

elite suites close view