Procedure for Redefining the Location and Boundaries of Real Estate

The process of redefining the location and boundaries of real estate has begun for the areas of Lesvos, Chios, Lefkada, Alonissos and Lokra and has been completed in all the above areas.

Those interested should hurry to the respective Re-Identification Collection Offices in order to pave the way to finally clarify any problems that exist in the geometric representation of their assets.

All beneficiaries of registrable rights to real estate in the cadastral area (eg ownership, usufruct, real slavery, etc.) have the right to submit a report. Also, those who did not submit a declaration of ownership during the cadastral period, should participate in the process in order to locate the property.

CAUTION! The report is submitted for the geometric elements of the property (location or boundaries) and not for the right.

A particularly useful element that will facilitate the processing of the report and is recommended to be submitted, if any, is any recent topographic diagram, whether it is attached to a title already registered in the cadastral book or not.

The submission of a report by the beneficiaries of the properties included in the area of ​​interest is done with the Form: “Report of data for the participation in the process of Redefining the position & boundaries of the properties in the cadastral diagrams”