Applying property titles on the ground

Setting out the limits of the property on the ground based on information described in the title.
The location of an area is identified after:

  • Identifying the previous owner's
  • Verification of the place names mentioned in the titles on the ground
  • Research on the use of the land in the past, through the process of photo-interpretation and through historical archive photos
  • Identification of overlapping boundaries as identified previously by the analysis through the study of aerial photographs (photo interpretation)
  • Comparison of old charts and identification on the ground (autopsy) on the current use of space
  • Use of charts, diagrams, application operations, actuarial charts, historical maps, documents
  • Measurement of soil in the study area, in order to identify stable data connection points of the past and present
  • Reconciliation of the above data and technical documentation with evidential value
  • Compilation the necessary documentation
  • Identification of the property