Cadastre Objection

Cadastre Objection
The temporary cadastral diagrams and tables are posted at the land registration offices and remain posted for two months from the date of entry deadline.

Application for correction of the cadastral registration - Objection may submit everyone who has legitimate interest. Someone must submit all necessary documents and topographical diagrams showing his legitimate interest along with the application.
Applications submitted in writing form to the appropriate Cadastral Office.
There are several objections - applications for correction depending on the type of correction:


1. Correction of Manifest Error

The reporting threshold is determined by O.K.CH.E.
Manifest error is:

  • Incorrect recording of the information of the beneficiary
  • Incorrect recording of the kind of the entitlement
  • Incorrect recording of the ownership title.

Application for correction of manifest error (pdf)

2. Corrections of Geometric data

  • Position
  • Shape
  • Boundaries
  • Area

Application for correction of the geometric data of cadastral records (pdf)

3. Application for Change of Beneficiary (displacement)
Applications 2 and 3 shall be submitted within 2 months (4 months for people living abroad) and are examined by relevant committee.
The committee takes a decision about the complaints within 2 months after the delivery of files of complaints by the cadastral office.
The deadline may be extended by O.K.CH.E.
Our office with great experience in matters relating to the Cadastre and its experienced personnel undertakes both the preparation of complaints and documenting them with the following procedures:
Drawing up topographic diagrams according to the specifications of the Cadastre and diagrams of Geometric Changes.
Checking titles - old diagrams – overlay of plans.
Photo interpretation - Study Aerial Photos of 1945/1960 and subsequent years in order to be researched and proved the use - possession of the property, and also the vegetation cover in case that the property claimed by the State as forest.
Using cartographic material - satellite pictures.