Suspensions of forest maps started!

The first areas relating to the suspension are the Old Penteli, New Penteli and Marathonas.

Soon the suspension of forest maps follows in many other municipalities of Attica and in the prefectures of Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, Pieria, Ioannina, Evia, Magnesia, Arcadia, Laconia, Messinia, Achaia and Ilia.


 Dromos se dasos

GET READY FOR POTENTIAL OBJECTION. The timeframe of 45 days (65 for residents abroad) for lodging appeals is small and the opportunity of public services to edit aerial photos of earlier years, with which you can document - compose your complaint, is limited.


Temporary forest maps are posted at the offices of the Directorate of Forestry (Forestry Department of Eastern Attica, St. John 65, Ag. Paraskeyi), at the local Forest Service (Forest Service of Penteli, Klisthenous 403, Gerakas, Forestry of Kapandriti, regional road to Barnabas, Kapandriti) and online (


The objections - appeals are related exclusively with the challenging of the forest character of the woodland, not with property. 

Those with legitimate interest (paying the opposition fee) can submit their objection electronically or via the Citizen Service Centres (KEP). Our office, due to specialization on photo-interpretation, can effectively help to such issues, as the aerial photographs are perhaps the only essential element that may prove the potential "non-forest" character of the area. Always close to you with this specialized web site, we try to help you as consultant engineers in matters of the National Cadastre.


The deadline for submitting the objection, with the necessary documentation to justify andconstitute the appeal, is defined in forty five days from the last publication. 
The objections - appeals are examined within four months from the deadline by a three-member committee, which is established by the judgment of General Secretary of the Region. 
After ratification, the forest map has become definitive and has evidential value in any administrative or judicial authority.


With an orthophotomap of Attica for year of 1945, we inform you directly about the nature and the type of vegetation that your property displayed in 1945.

We also examined aerial shots of 1938, 1960 and of recent years for a timeless view of the property. Then we proceed in the study of photo-interpretation with orthophotomaps and in the comparative display of the area over time in order to prove the use of the area. Our office is fully equipped with technical equipment and has a fifteen years experience in the major subject of the photo-interpretation. So we are able to undertake any case and we guarantee for the timely and proper completion of it.


A. The completed objection form with the information of natural / legal person, the coordinates (in Greek Geographic Coordinate System EGSA'87) of the property.

B. The data supporting the legitimate interest (ownership, mortgage, etc.)

C. Proof of payment of the special fee account

D. Photocopy of identity card or passport

E. Photocopy of the document showing VAT (PPC account, statement IRS, etc).