Private Urban Planning

Private Urban Planning

  • If you are the owner of land over 50 acres (or part of such area)
  • If you represent or co-owner of building cooperatives
  • If the area is outside city plan and outside the settlement
  • If you are interested in the maximum economic yield
  • If you do not hurry and have patience

Then we can help you with the process of urbanization of private land. This process is extremely complicated, time consuming and requires approvals from virtually all services related to space (Y.P.E.K.A., Forest Service, city planning, archaeological services prehistoric, classical and modern times, etc).
So, we are by your side to help in this process. With highly experienced staff, which its exclusive work is private urbanization (yes, there is specialization), we can turn your great property in large assets belonging.
To ensure the success of such an attempt that seems difficult, we prepare a feasibility study of the urbanization of the area. So, you know safely the data on the viability of such a project.
If you own a large area and are interested in a private urbanization, we can advise you about how expensive such a study is or to have got a financial offer with specific data.

A brief look at private land development process is as follows:

  • Preparing Urban Suitability file
  • Application from the individual (or group of owners), or a legal person under public or private interest
  • Questionnaire for the environment
  • Check property titles
  • Opinions
  1. Archaeological Services
  2. Forest Service
  3. Department of Agriculture
  4. City Council
  5. Planning Office
  6. PPC
  7. OTE
  8. K. SCHOP
  9. DOKK
  10. Organization of Athens
  • Urban Design
  • Definitions Lines Seashore, coast, streams borderline
  • Consultation by the State Council (CoE)
  • Approval of Urban Design
  • Preliminary study of infrastructure (completion of less than 14 years)
  • Legislation

1. Law 1947/91
2. Law 360/76
3. Law 2508/97
The file includes residential suitability:

  • Topographic drawing of specific scales 1:10000 or 1:5000
  • Topographic elevation plan, 1:2000 scale that includes the drainage of rainwater and other characteristics in the study area and 250 meters around it
  • Photos of the area and diagram of taken these
  • Technical report for the service area of infrastructure networks
  • Geological suitability report and geological map scale 1:2000
  • Questionnaire of appropriate standards and content of Environmental Impact Study
  • Report of Titles
  • Report of appropriate standards for the requested land use.