Stream or river: Photo interpretation or remote sensing for the determination of position and limits

Stream or river: Foto interpretation or remote sensing for the determination of position and limits
There is confusion about the streams: the position of the riverbed, the existence or not of these. Due to the climate that prevails in Greece and particularly in southern and eastern parts of the country where rain is rare and intense, streams seem to be permanently dry. By the time of a thunderstorm few may observe the usefulness of the streams for the direct runoff of rainwater.
The position of the stream bed is often subject of disputes between landowners on either side of this bed. This happens because it is possible the flow of the stream to be changed due to a lot of natural or artificial reasons. In cases of deposits or systemic rubble embankments on one side of the stream the flow of the stream changes. Our office has been working with an issue that the entire bed of the stream has filled and at the old location of the flow it has been constructed multi-storey building. In case of thunderstorm (with statistical frequency of 25 or 50 years) it is probably new beds to be drilled in unlikely places.
If a property has a boundary to the stream and a building licence is going to be issued is necessary the relevant committee to define the boundaries of this.
By the study of photo interpretation we can locate the exact position and flow of the stream in the past. At least during the last 60 years we can identify key characteristics of streams or rivers. Key figures such as width, depth, flow and to plan cross-sections (where requested).
Finally, with a series of checks on various services we can obtain hardware for determining the location and flow of major streams in the long term of 150 years.