Seashore - Beach "Aigialos-Paralia"

The Commission Determination seashore and beach consists of:

  • The Head of Land Department, the President and the members.
  • A surveyor engineer and a civil engineer of the Land Department.
  • The Harbor Master.
  • The Director of Planning and Prefecture.
  • The Director of Planning and Environment of the General Secretariat of the Region.

Specifications of a Topographic Plan
The standards of topographic drawing for the determination of seashore and beach lines are :

  • The scale of this is at least 1:1000 (usually 1:500).
  • The diagram includes elevations and contours according to the above scales.
  • The boundaries of the property, the areas to be expropriated, the owners of these.
  • Dependence of the trigonometric network coordinates EGSA' 87.
  • Coastline length of 500 meters.
  • Appear in red, yellow and blue lines Seashore, Beach and Old Seashore fixed by the Commission.
  • Table coordinates in the national grid coordinates of the lines that were determined.
  • Seal and signature of Surveyor Engineer or Civil Engineer.

The figures that are taken into account by the Commission
The figures that are taken into account by the Commission's Determination seashore and beach are the following :

  • The terrain and topography of the ground (flat beaches or beach that rises abruptly).
  • The composition of soil (sandy, stony, rocky).
  • The natural vegetation boundary that shows the location of the maximum wave of winter.
  • Meteorological data in the region.
  • The morphology of the seabed.
  • The waves in front of the beach (how far is the "opposite" land).
  • The approved planning directions for land use that affect the coastal zone.
  • The existence of public land (being land registry).
  • Probably existing sensitive ecosystems and protected areas.

Request Care Setting Wrong seashore and beach
In case of error in determining the Seashore, Beach or Old Seashore borderline, it is allowed to redefine them (even if they are defined by Law 2344/1940). This is done either automatically (by Land Department) or at the demand for treatment by the aggrieved person. The redefinition can be done if it has not happened a forced expropriation. An individual must document and prove the fault of the designated borderline. Necessary actions are:

  • A topographic plan for the entire property
  • Application of titles since 1910
  • Timeless Photo interpretation about the area
  • Submission of the file in the Land Department
  • Formation of the Commission

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Seashore - Beach:
Some useful information

  • Seashore is the area of land between the coastline (line of contact with the sea shore) and the line of maximum wave of winter.
  • Beach is the extra area of land ranging from 0 to 50 meters after the Seashore line. The area of the beach allows the communication of land and sea. Moreover, this zone is public and for common use. The destination of this area is the unobstructed access to the sea.
  • If natural or artificial silting has been made and so the location of the line and the coastline has moved towards the sea, the space created is the Old Seashore. This part of the land belongs to government (public private property) and by a specific process can be transferred to an individual.
  • Bank of lakes and navigable rivers is the land area that is surrounded by normal ascents of waters.
  • Riparian zone is the area around the bank at a width of 50 meters.
  • Old Bank is the area created by the change of the line of the riverbank.
  • Harbour is an area of land and sea along with projects and equipment, which allows the reception of all kinds of boats and yachts, cargo handling, storage, delivery and promotion of their cargo, the service of passenger and vehicle and the development of business activities.
  • Harbour works are these that carried out wholly or partly on the shore, the beach or the riparian zone, the seabed and subsoil and that cause configuration or alteration of these areas or that are laid down by the Harbour Funds.
  • Organization of port administration and operation is every public agency of government, or private, or joint operator who has legal responsibility for the administration and operation of the port.