The coordinate system EGSA '87 is the Greek Geodetic Reference System designated in 1987. It is a projection of the ground level (the curved earth ground at paper). At this network is mentioned the information about the technical world. So, the National Land Registry is referred to this and all properties are registered in its base.

At each topographic is required the necessary reliance on this network. For diagrams that are necessary for the Forestry and for urban planning for the building license (according to the recent Law 4030 GG249/25-11-2011), the reference list is provided in the system of coordinates EGSA '87. Also, the diagrams that accompany the contracts and other transactions and diagrams drawn to fit arbitrary constructions are relied on the same network.

In all topographical drawings that are prepared for installation of photovoltaic systems, for the determination of lines of Seashore and Beach, for private urban planning is essential the reliance on the system EGSA '87.

By drawing a topographic plan on EGSA '87 we provide:

  • Compare the existing status with the status of the titles.
  • Confidence in filing the application form of the cadastre or of declaration arbitrary construction.
  • Avoiding unnecessary costs from future litigation in case of inconclusive or incorrect topological plans.


The old connection method of surveying tasks to the national grid coordinates was triangulation. The connection was made ​​either by intersection or resection with trigonometric points from the Military Geographic Service. Nowadays, the connection is made ​​with geodetic positioning satellite receivers, GPS.

XYZ are the three dimensions of space.


They are the coordinates of each point in a coordinate system. Each country has one coordinate system in order the services to be able to communicate to each other and eveyone can easily locate everything in one common system. So, any map, any plan, any information can be placed in space and used by more than one. Such information may be technical issues, such as land use, building codes, the location of properties, the weather and information on shops, museums or whatever.

At XYZ we specialize in three dimensions and all works refer to the national grid coordinates EGSA '87.Apart from the topographical plans and orthophotomaps we produce, also the reliancies that we do refers to the same network.

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