Amathus Beach Hotel & Resort

  • amathus beach hotelm² of scanning, location: 20000 m², Rhodes
  • Total Time: 1 month scanning, 2 months for registration, plan production and 3d model
  • Final product: As Built Documentation of the hotel in scale: 1:100 : plans with electrical fixtures added, RCPs, facades and cutting sections. 3D Virtual Tour


Amathus Beach Hotel & Resort is a hotel complex located in the northwestern part of Rhodes. The project entrusted to XYZ was the As Built plan production and delivery of 3D Virtual Tour for renovation purposes. This is a special case since the scanning process took place during the operation of the hotel, selecting each time specific areas of each floor, which were also photographed in high resolution. What is more, for each room of 396, six Terrestrial Laser Scanners were required, as there were obstacles (furniture and objects) in the room area.

The information extracted from each scan was then merged into a single point cloud with the registration process and with this cloud 2D designs were created with architectural details. The level of detail in the drawings (LOD) was in line with the needs of the company undergoing renovation, and adapted to the needs of each area. From the production process, a 3D BIM model was also produced.