3D Modeler

Company: XYZ OE, based in Athens, has been active since 1995 successfully in the development of innovative services.

Position Title: 3D Modeler for permanent cooperation in our offices (Athens Center Pedion Areos, XYZ).

Qualifications : The Master in 3D Modeling is what we are looking for!
Architect; Visual? Artist; Mathematical; Design Engineer? Naval architect; Technologist; Photographer;

-The great ease in 3D Design is the required, excellent knowledge of 2D, 3D, rendering and image processing programs: Autocad 2D, 3DS Max, Rhino, Revit, PS, RealWorks
-Excellent knowledge of English
-Adaptation to a team and organizational ability
-Work experience of at least 5 years

We work with a wide range of real world measurement technologies. From point clouds, we create, configure 3D models, manipulate and use complex 3D mesh. We produce real-world models and connect them to databases creating BIM.

If the combination of real data, real users and cutting edge research is calling you, then we’d love to talk!

Contact : Curriculum vitae at [email protected]

We offer:

-We like Cycling, Sports and we provide them to the employees!

-We participate in international conferences, competitions, programs and are constantly trained

-We offer healthy food in the office