What are the final deliverables
The deliverable is a Building Information Model that is not limited to a simple 3D Model. In addition, we provide a Database that includes information on project cost management.
BIM modeling
Laser scanning is the ideal technology for building modeling due to its lightning scanning, high efficiency, maximum accuracy and level of detail.

Laser scanning creates highly accurate functions that can help manage facilities as well as modify original designs.

Beyond 3D Modeling:
3D models are now linked to databases. So the models become smart, every element of the building is connected to its type, its standard dimensions, when it was installed, what life time it has and any detail we want to accompany it.

Every element of the building, from the masonry and beams to the pipes or lamps, is recorded and connected to the smart and lively database and of course to the cost of construction and maintenance.

So there is a forecast on the cost of each change and this is done in real time.

XYZ is limited to

  • High precision capture of each space
  • Production of 3D Models and in
  • Establishment and Production of BIM

XYZ does not proceed with architectural design or static or mechanical design or any other design beyond the field of Topographic Studies.

Collaborates closely with Designer Clients to meet their needs.

Apart from the required accuracy, our main concern is the drafting of the designs, the production of the models and the compatibility of the files.