Virtual Tours
Specifically, the project concerns the production of three-dimensional models and the projection of photographic images on them. The Deliverables include an interactive tour of the site, where the design team, the project manager or a potential client can share rich visual material. Users can see the status of the site in detail useful for understanding installation, design and decision making.

Remote users will feel like they are there, making their job easier with less travel costs.

Beyond our services

  • 3D capture
  • modeling
  • model documentation
  • the preparation of plans for calculations of documented divergence checks

take the opportunity to use the services of documented metric 3D images.

  • Browse your office online or offline and see measure with absolute accuracy, it compares.
  • Share the experience with your remote partners and make decisions right away.
  • Browse even through VR glasses.

Show your customers how the situation is today and how it will always be in the future with absolute photographic fidelity.

Virtual Tour
Make the most of our services and see every detail of the space that was accurately measured, photographed with the most modern methods and documented spatially. Experience every inch of space with the Trimble Real Works Viewer.

The application runs on all computers and gives the user many possibilities for virtual browsing, measurements, photography of spaces, full supervision of point cloud models and designs in the 3D environment and in 3D images.