Steel Structures

Didimos pirgos motoroilWith vast experience in steel structure alignments in large construction projects are ready to meet any such site.
Some of the difficult tasks of the space we brought out with great success are:

Georgios Karaiskakis New Football Stadium

Aegaleo Stadium

The Mall of Athens

Psyttaleia Sewage Treatment Plant

Motor Oil Hellas Refineries - extension of the plant 

OTE building in Thrakomakedones

OSE Steel Bridge in Aspropyrgos

See for all the construction projects that XYZ have been engaged in as primary surveying consultants or that we have provided surveying services

The flow of surveying work that we have include:

  • Establishment and Adjustment of reference networks and control.
  • Fixes original land and existing structures.
  • Mapping the concrete foundation.
  • Mapping precision with special methods.
  • Mapping of finished steel members goals and sticking with real-time monitoring with special software and high-tech equipment.
  • As Built drawings as built surveys.


The role of the surveyor engineer in construction of steel structures is essential, since the presence of ensuring "accuracy" required for the transport of construction projects on the ground.
Specifically, the placement of anchor that is necessary to come to press the metal body in any building is the "authority" of correct and reliable construction.
The surveyor, engineer define with precision ± 2 mm the position of anchor at the site to ensure tolerance have agkyrovides the metal to be fitted, which in agkyrovida not exceed an cm .
Therefore, the surveyor, engineer is the only one who can provide such accuracy <± on the 2ndmm in the placement of anchors.
The written us with great experience in such projects has achieved high accuracy to provide substantial assistance in the manufacture of complex steel structures such as:

kar2Karaiskaki Stadium 2004.