Construction Sites

Our office offers the following support to construction projects: 


- SURVEYS of the site before any work begins

- Precise MAPPING OUT of all construction, giving the optimal solutions and value.

- SURVEYS for checking and control of construction before the final delivery of a project

- CALCULATION of area and volume

- PUBLICATION of "As built drawings", intermediary drawings pointing out any faults in construction and any divergence from the designs, drawings of cross-sections.

- EQUIPMENT for construction sites. We offer the possibility to rent topography instruments such as real time GPS, total stations and field stations of various precisions, digital leveling , computers, plotters, programs of topography-road construction, as well as advise from our experienced specialized personnel.

- Laser station surveys without prism and assistants, mappings out of inaccessible points (metal constructions, bridges, measurement of volume for excavations).


- STAFF TEAMS of engineer topographers and experienced assistants, completely equipped with high technology topographic instruments of high precision, vehicle and communication equipment.

- OFFICE SUPPORT for the production of digital models of the ground, 3-D projection of models, networks of parameters, volume measurements of complex solids or surfaces, drawings etc.

All  construction projects  XYZ have been engaged in as primary surveying consultants or that we have provided surveying services as primary surveying consultants or that we have provided surveying services