Photogrammetry is the science which uses photography and more generally the image for the realization of measurements (Definition by Ioannis Bantekas).

Photogrammetry is the science of imprinting, recording, documenting and representing reality via images. It is the intermediary process via which the dimensions and the ground surface is measured and recorded.

Photogrammetry is categorized according to the type of photography used, as follows:

· Land Photogrammetry: "On order" shots of buildings, aspects, monuments or other constructions for the re-creation of drawings.

· Photogrammetry from photomaps: "On order" photographing of areas aiming at the creation of maps or the interpretation of older photomaps and the creation of models or "ortho" map. "Historic" interpretation and keeping track of changes on the ground through time.

· Satellite Photogrammetry: The utilization of satellite pictures with precision of down to 70cm for the creation of drawings.

Our office uses all the above methods and creates corresponding three-dimensional designs in cases related to the National Property Archive, studies for Technical Constructions, Architecture, Archaeology etc. We are specialised to produce Ortho Photo Maps as well.